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From Deer Scram to Rabbit Scram

America's Finest™ Brands Adds

Rabbit Scram To Meet Growing Marketplace Demands

Following the successful introduction of Deer Scram deer repellent into the marketplace for homeowners, gardeners and landscapers, Rabbit Scram rabbit repellent was developed to meet growing demands to protect valuable ornamental shrubs, grasses and flowerbeds from munching rabbits.

Throughout 2005 and 2006, Enviro Protection Industries Company Inc., maker of America's Finest™ brands of animal repellents, was receiving requests for a specialized rabbit repellent to thwart foraging rabbits. These requests came from across North America where rabbits were decimating shrubbery, flowers and vegetable gardens. E.P.I.C.  responded to the demand by developing the specially formulated repellant through study, trial and production of Rabbit Scram -- America's Finest™ Rabbit Repellent.

Rabbit Scram comes in three convenient sizes:
a 2 1/2-pound box, 6-pound pail and
25-pound bucket.

Located in Binghamton, New York, E.P.I.C's research team began developing Rabbit Scram. With their well-founded understanding of rabbits of many species, the team focused on the habits, behavior and preferences of rabbits and experimented and tested various organic compounds they believed might deter their desire to even approach plants. The resulting all-natural, organic formula met -- then exceeded -- expectations.

Rabbit Scram rabbit repellent is a granular, organic rabbit repellant that is guaranteed to work. It is a highly effective response to heavy damage by foraging/munching rabbits in the southeastern United States, where one of the densest rabbit populations exists in the country. It is used as a direct barrier repellent -- applied at the base of rabbits’ favored plants -- and is not water-soluble. Rabbit Scram lasts longer than competing sprays, protects new growth that sprays cannot and is less expensive to use because it is applied around plants rather than on the leaves of each plant.

And it’s guaranteed! Try Rabbit Scram with no risk. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay! Landscapers have found how well the product provides rabbit munching protection for their clients’ valuable ornamental plants, shrubs and gardens. And Rabbit Scram’s effectiveness, ease of use and popularity is well documented by its customers’ testimonials and its rapid sales growth throughout the country.


The Rabbit Scram team was formed to offer this remarkable product to others -- home gardeners, landscapers and commercial growers and nurserymen. Since the initial product was created, we have continued to revise the formula to its current state that guarantees plant protection from munching, foraging rabbits.

Rabbit Scram
America's Finest Rabbit Repellent

Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc.
72 Grosset Drive,
Kirkwood, NY 13795

For more information call Rabbit Scram toll free: 877-337-2726

Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant gets rid of rabbits

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RABBIT SCRAM is a registered trademark of
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  • Identifying Rabbits
    of North America

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  • Recognizing Rabbit Damage in Gardens
    and Landscapes
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  • Deterring Rabbits ...
    Bunnies Aren't So Cute
    When Your Garden
    Becomes Their Dinner
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  • Managing
    and Deterring Rabbits
    in Your Landscape
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  • Plants Rabbits Eat
    in North America

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